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Wilderness survival skills for safe wilderness travel

Wilderness survival guide

Do you want to learn wilderness survival skills? Then this website is for you.

Enjoy the wilderness safely

Learning to survive in the wilderness is a skill for everyone who spends time in the great outdoors. Whether you participate in hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, or some other activity, you need to make sure you have the basic wilderness survival skills to handle an emergency situation.

Prepare for your wilderness adventure

Take your time to read all the information contained in this website. However, reading is not enough. You also need to practice, and the best time to practice any wilderness survival skills – start a fire, shelter building or whatever – is before you need them. When going into the wilderness it is your responsibility to have the proper knowledge and equipment to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Have a safe wilderness travel!

Thanks for all your encouragement wilderness skills

The fuel that keeps this site running is all the positive feedback, I get from readers. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Erik C. Falk
owner of the

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Some feedback from readers:

• I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK-YOU for such a wonderful place to visit. In today’s world, it’s rare to find someone that really cares about the well being of others as you do. There is a lot of good information spread-out all over your site that could be of priceless value to whoever needs it at the time. And besides, it’s just plain fun to read all the suggestions here.

Thanks again John

• Thanks for your site. It’s very informative and helpful. I am a longtime canoeist and this information you’ve provided will make trips from now on a little safer therefore more pleasant. Good luck!

Anthony Allen

• Erik, awesome info and website, I spent 8 year’s in the U.S Army, trained in detail on desert and jungle survival. Keep up the awesome work and good luck.


• I love your site I keep telling everyone I know about your site and they love it as well. You are a free site and I think that that is just one of many awesome parts about your site.

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• Hello Erik and thank you for the informative web site. Even basic wilderness survival skills are new to me and your site is helping me a lot.


• Thanks Erik for your webpage. I teach a “survival for the lost” course every other year in Oregon, to elementary children from our local school. I use your hints finding water, building shelters, etc.) for much of my class. My goal is to make even the youngest member to feel empowered in situations that are unexpected. Vacation stops and other roadside situations where kids may get separated and “lost” in wilderness settings. With awareness and rational approach to offset panic, most of “my kids” may be survivors and have stories to tell rather than having stories to tell about them–by recovery teams.

Again thanks

Bill (“Ranger Red” for my students)

This website is divided up into a number of main sections to help you find what you are looking for:

Essential Wilderness Skills For Beginners
How to get there. How to stay alive, while you’re there. And how to get out safely!
Alone in the wilderness
Learn what to do if you are lost and alone in the wilderness.
How to survive in the wilderness
Learn the basic concepts of how to survive in the wilderness.
Wilderness survival preparation
Learn why wilderness survival preparation is essential to be safe and comfortable in the backcountry.
Wilderness survival gear
Selecting the appropriate wilderness survival gear is important to have a safe wilderness trip.
Wilderness survival kits
Prepare your wilderness survival kits with care, it can make all the difference in your chance for survival.
Wilderness survival knife
Your wilderness survival knife is an invaluable asset in the wilderness so when choosing your knife remember these guidelines: . . .
Wilderness survival shelter
A survival shelter is an absolute priority if you face a wilderness survival situation in harsh or unpredictable weather, learn how to find or build your shelter:
How to make a fire
To know how to make a fire can make all the difference in a survival situation, learn various methods of fire building and maintenance. . .
Finding water
Finding water is a top priority in the wild, as you can only survive a few days without water.
Survival food
Learn how to find survival food in the wilderness.
Signaling for help
If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, signaling for help is a skill that can make all the difference in your chance for survival.
Finding direction in the wilderness
Learning the skill of finding direction by the signs of nature will increase your confidence in the wilderness.
Wilderness first aid
Learn basic wilderness first aid, it can make all the difference in an emergency situation.
How to predict weather from nature
As a backcountry traveler, learn how to predict weather and to take appropriate action for not getting into trouble and risk your safety.
The Wilderness Survival Quiz
Do you know what to do to survive? – The Wilderness Survival Quiz will help you to find out.
Wilderness survival training
Find your wilderness survival training course at this page:
Wilderness survival tips
Just let me know and I will publish your wilderness survival tips on this page.
Wilderness Survival Skills SiteSearch. Can’t find what you’re looking for?
The Wilderness Survival Blog
The Wilderness Survival Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site.
Wilderness-Survival-Skills Fan Page
Welcome to the Wilderness-Survival-Skills page on Facebook.
Wilderness Photo Gallery
Wilderness Photo Gallery
Privacy Notice
Privacy policy of this website. knows that you care how information about you is used.
Contact Me
Do you have a question or comment to pass along to me?Your feedback is greatly appreciated and help me to build a better website!
Motivation and enthusiasm creates a lot of energy
My hope is that the “Wilderness Survival Skills” website will inspire people to get the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the wilderness?
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