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Survival medicine plants and techniques….

by Winyan Staz Wakien

(Washington )

Salal is one of my favorite plants in the wild. Not only can the berries be eaten, they can be gathered in large quantities and dried and then pressed into “cakes” or mixed with other berries and fat to make pemmican for longer term survival and traveling.

The leaves were chewed for upset acid tummy by Native Americans and I love the dried leaves as a tea for upset acid tummy as well. Its also just a tasty tea for whenever you want a soothing tea.
For constipation a good berry to know is bunchberries.

For diarrhia I would suggest my old moms favorite when we were little kids. She would toast a slice of wheat bread until blackened into charcoal. She would then scrap off the toast for about a teaspoon of the charcoal.. and mix it with a little honey or sugar so we kids could/would eat it. Cleared it up fast every time.

As to a wild plant in the PNF that would help for diarrhea.. I would suggest you boiled the root bark of the the raspberry plant to make tea. Goldenseal has also been used. Dont give goldenseal to kids under the age of two or to pregnant women.

Nature’s antibiotic is to be found in the roots of Oregon grape… if it is a survival situation. You would want 8-10, 3-6 inch pieces of root for each cup of tea. You would want to use it twice a day.

For earaches, swellings or infections such as a toothache inside the body I would use violets. All of the plant that grows above ground is edible as well as will fight infections and reduces swellings. Violets also make a lovely tea.

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For coughs and colds I would suggest mullian and coltsfoot teas.

I am not a Dr. These are only things I myself use that I am sharing information about. In fact.. BEFORE you use any of these plants, check with a doctor to be sure they are safe for your families particular needs.

The time to know what to do in an emergency survival situation is BEFORE you need it.

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