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Survival fishing

Survival fishing methods

Survival fishing techniques to be considered are line, hook, spear, trap and net. Use whatever fishing equipment you can make work.


survival fishing Angling is the most well-known fishing method. You need a hook, line, rod and a small weight to take the hook down. You also need a float to keep the bait off the bottom of the water. As a float, you can use any small floating object, such as a small piece of bark. However, in streams and flowing water, you can skip the float.

A line and hook should be part of your survival kit, if not, you can improvise hooks from all kinds of materials such as safety pins, a thorn, bone and wood. Remember, in a situation like this, success is mostly a question of trial and error and a lot of patience.

Fish are more likely to take bait native to their water, so try to figure out what they eat. For example, insects and worms can be used as bait. If one bait is unsuccessful, change to another.

Fishing hints


To succeed at fishing, you need to know something about the behavior of the fish. Spend time observing where the fish go at different times of the day.

Like most all other living creatures they choose the places where they are most comfortable and where they can most easily find their prey. If it’s hot and the water is low, deep shaded water is probably where you should look. In cooler weather, you probably will find your catch in a shallow place where the sun warms the water. Fish like to shelter under banks and below rocks.

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The best time to catch fish is just before dawn, or just after dusk, or when bad weather is imminent.

Survival fishing with a spear

spear fishing

Spear fishing takes time, great patience and a lot of practice.
Use a spear in shallow water where your catch is visible. Slowly move the spear as close as possible, when ready, quickly spear your catch. For best results make a forked spear.

Fishing net

Improvised gear can be very effective and to make a net is no exception. For instance, using an undershirt and a y-shaped branch to make a landing net is a simple way to create a useful tool.

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