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Winter Survival Gear Custom Backpack

Winter Survival Gear Custom Backpack Hi All, I just wanted to share my custom backpack that I put together to lighten my trips out exploring during the winter months in Canada. I'm pleased with the weight and equipment that I'm carrying and would consider them essentials for moving around in the back

Clueless Friends Choose My Gear!! ($50 Fishing Challenge!)

In this Fishing Challenge, I supply two of my best friends with some $$ and ask them to purchase me a surprise rod to fish with! Btw, my friends don't know anything about fishing... this should be interesting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►T-SHIRTS!!! ►Jerry's Channel! ►Zac's Twitch! Again, I want to thank each and

Icicle Fishing Challenge!! (Freezing Weather Fishing)

ICE. Everywhere. I take you guys with me to the frigid waters to attempt to catch some late December fish! Don't forget to enter last videos giveaway! Here's how to enter: 1) "Like" that video 2) Subscribe to Firststatefishing 3) Subscribe to FSF Vlogs Post a comment when you're completed all 3 steps

$20 Walmart Ice Fishing Challenge (#1)

Already been done on open water! Check out this one on hard water! We hope you guys enjoyed! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►$20 Walmart bass fishing challenge #1- ►$20 Walmart bass fishing challenge #2- source

Overlooked Winter Survival Gear

Overlooked Winter Survival Gear Mike demonstrates some winter gear that is often overlooked, but can make time in the outdoors during winter much more comfortable. Mickey Mouse boots, LED angle head flashlight, the pull sled or game sled for transporting gear in winter and the mad bomber hat