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Primitive Technology | Bone HARPOON with STONE TOOLS | Hand Drill Fire, Fish Basket Cooking

I will show you how to create a primitive tool, a replica bone harpoon used by Native Americans to spear fish. Caveman tools! ABOUT JAY VALENTE - CUSTOM STONE TOOLS! YouTube: Thanks to our sponsor! Join the Club: When you support Dollar Shave Club, you support this channel and help

Catch ‘n’ Cook – Land Crab

I am now on Patreon. Please support my channel so that I can make more of these journeys into the wild. Thanks! Catch 'n' Cook - Land Crab Want a Survival Lilly T-Shirt? Lilly`s new cameras: Sony Olympus ► More Videos To Watch – Lilly’s Favorite ◄ Helicopter Drop Off On Vancouver Island --------------------------------------------------------------- ► SOCIAL

Tagged: Bushcraft Knife VS Survival Knife MHO

William Collins tagged me in a video in which I share my thoughts on the differences between a Bushcraft knife and a Survival knife. Tagged Channels: •n8mayfield •SEOhio Trapper •Texas Nomad •Survive Without •Rocky Hollow •Eat Carbs source

How to Make an Ishi Style Bow (Part 1 of 8)

In this video series Chuck, from heartwood bows takes you through an entire bow build. If you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button, share on social media, and subscribe to Primitive Lifeways on YouTube. Check out my website here: Check out Chuck's website here: In a wilderness

Survival Fishing: Improvised Hooks

Please watch: "The Color of Our Primitive World- bushcraft paint" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Fishing is a great way to provide a meal in survival or every day. Improvised hooks are a great way to add protein to the menu. Please check local laws before fishing with improvised equipment.