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You NEED This Survival Takedown Bow!

===QUICK LINKS===== ➕B.O.S.S Hunting Kit: ➕Primal Gear Bow: ➕Crossman Pistol: ➕Molle Quiver: Phase One is complete! I'm feeling good about the choice of weapons, specifically the Primal Gear Takedown survival bow. It's the longbow for the 21st century, lightweight and rugged. The addition of the Crossman .22 pellet gun enables silent

Two VITAL Survival Needs

Acquiring food and water post SHTF in the cities can be risky, even without human competition! The survivalist must take into account the pollutants found in fish and water sources and act accordingly. Advanced purification skills must be used to remove human waste, diesel fuels, viruses, and bacteria. Hunting in a

Learn how to make an urban/wilderness survival kit

 Planning ahead includes thinking about potential disasters situations. Learn how to make an urban/wilderness survival kit you can carry everywhere.   by Leon Pantenburg One aspect of  the preparedness philosophy is  “Common Sense.” After all, it is just common sense to plan for the future, regardless of what may happen. That’s why we

How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage

Summer storms are made worse by hot weather! Heat waves, coupled with power outages, can be deadly. Learn what you can do! By Leon Pantenburg What happens when an earthquake occurs along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (The United States’ second largest earthquake area, located near New Madrid, Mo., along the Mississippi