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Underwater DRONE!! Helps me catch GIANT FISH!

Using the Nemo underwater drone to help us find and catch fish while fishing! This is the best day of fishing I have ever had - we got into some absolute MONSTERS!! Nemo Drone: Check out Nemo's Channel: ►P's Instagram: reeldealfishing302 Again, I want to thank each and every one of you

7 Days to die All weapons Alpha 16.4

7 Days to die All weapons Alpha 16.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRENCH: 0:00-0:11 STONE SHOVEL: 0:12-0:23 STONE AXE: 0:24-0:36 GARDENING HOE: 0:37-0:51 BONE SHIV: 0:52-1:05 IRON PICKAXE: 1:06-1:18 TORCH: 1:19-1:31 STEEL PICKAXE: 1:32-1:45 IRON FIREAXE: 1:46-1:57 FLASHLIGHT: 1:58-2:13 AUGER: 2:14-2:25 LARGE BONE: 2:26-2:38 IRON SHOVEL: 2:39-2:50 WOODEN CLUB: 2:51-3:03 STEEL SHOVEL: 3:04-3:16 CLAW HAMMER: 3:17-3:30 BARBED CLUB: 3:31-3:45 STEEL FIREAXE: 3:46-3:57 IRON REINFORCED CLUB: 3:58-4:10 TAZA'S STONE AXE: 4:11-4:21 HUNTING KNIFE: 4:22-4:33 SPIKED CLUB: 4:34-4:48 MACHETE: