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Make a Personal Earthquake Survival Kit

Earthquakes are happening this week, and  one could occur while you’re at work.  Here’s how to use a personal earthquake survival kit to escape a collapsing building. by Leon Pantenburg An earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster is unlikely to happen? And, of course, not to you? You don’t need to

Return to the Desert Forest Survival Camp (Day 2)

Welcome to Can We Survive. Join us as we explore North America and experience a variety of outdoor adventures. Become a Patreon Sponsor Today, Official Sponsor: Shane Marble Our Personal Daily Vlogs, Niels: Chris: Follow us on Twitter: Chris: Niels: source

Survival Kit In A Can

Learn how to use the fire steel correctly Rucksack used in this video: Content of the can: 1. Firesteel 2. Compass 3. Victorinox Hunter XT 4. Signal Mirror 5. Signal Whistle 6. Duct Tape 7. Tampon 8. Jute twine with pine resin and bees wax 9. First Aid and painkillers 10. Paracord and other string 11. Snare wire 12. Metal tin