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Archery | A Commentary on Survival Lilly’s High Draw Technique

Observations and comments on various aspects of archery technique, including high draws, traditional Japanese archery (kyudo), breathing and injuries. Survival Lilly's video: Mandarin Duck Phantom donated by Mandarin Duck Outfitters. === Follow me on Facebook: Twitter: source

How to set up a NEW recurve bow

This video is sponsored by Mandarin Duck You can get the bow here: How to set up a NEW recurve bow In this video I talk about brace hight, spines of arrows and I silence my bow with easy materials. Check out Survival Lilly’s Shop: Want a Survival Lilly T-Shirt? Want to support Lilly

Survival Kit In A Can

Learn how to use the fire steel correctly Rucksack used in this video: Content of the can: 1. Firesteel 2. Compass 3. Victorinox Hunter XT 4. Signal Mirror 5. Signal Whistle 6. Duct Tape 7. Tampon 8. Jute twine with pine resin and bees wax 9. First Aid and painkillers 10. Paracord and other string 11. Snare wire 12. Metal tin

How To Silence A Recurve Bow

Video sponsored by Mandarin Duck Please visit: Multitool used in this video: How to silence a bow with beaver puffs, velcro and cotton. Want to know what gear I am using? Check out my amazon store: Want a Survival Lilly T-Shirt? Lilly`s new cameras: Sony Olympus ► More Videos To Watch – Lilly’s Favorite

Survival Fishing in the Amazon Jungle with the Natives

Get that cool little hand fishing kit here: Go the jungle with Bushcrft Global here: Hennesey Hennesy Hammock's here: TopsKnives here: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "My Journey to Primitive Part I The David Holladay Story" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- source

How To Carve A Survival Bow

Want a tipi like this? Please visit In this episode I am building a survival bow with a knife. The stave is harvested from fresh green hazelnut wood. It is quite soft and bends well. I cut away too much wood of one of the limbs at the very beginnning