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DIY – $10 Mora Knife / Survival Kit Hack – You Need to “Bushcraft-Ready” Your Blade

How to Add Paracord, a Survival Fire Kit and a Rust-Resistant Patina / Coating to a Basic Mora Knife. Bushcraft READY! Gear List (BELOW)... Mora 511 Basic Bushcraft Knife: Camo Paracord: Mini-Firesteel: Jute Twine: Electrical Tape: Steel Wool: Flat File: Rubbing Alcohol: Spring Clamp: Lighter: Vinegar: Bicycle Tube: _____ Get MORE from

Survival Kits – Build Your Own: The 5 Most Forgotten Items | Disasters & Emergencies

You have a survival kit and you even think you're ready for the zombie apocalypse... But have you forgotten any important items for your survival kit? Backpack [5.11 Rush 12]: Heavy Mil Trash Bag: Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl: Cliff Bar: 3 in 1 Cell Phone Charger: Cell Phone Brick Charger: Cell