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New! MSK-1 SERE / Combat Survival Knife Sheath – ROCKS!

Ready for War - Ultimate Survival Tips MSK-1 Combat / SERE KNIFE Sheath is Now Available at $99 USD for a Limited Time @ Check Out The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast On iTunes: - Google Play: - Stitcher: - Sound Cloud: - Patreon: - Podbean: Get

Zipbox November 2018

This months box was a fishing inspired box. it contained freeze dried bait from 'The freeze dried bait company' (sea to summit), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot morale patch, Condor tactical gear key chain, Gerber Gator fillet knife, Grinny gear survival fishing kit, Bob Cooper survival kit and a Nitecore LA30 lantern. You

Useful addition to emergency kit

Survival gear doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Some of the best items are common, easily-found products you may already have. One of those items is a large metal cup. Here’s why you need one.  by Leon Pantenburg I slogged along in the ranks, Springfield slung over my shoulder, headed