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Making a survival/stealth fishing rod and lunch by the river

Today I thought ill show you a way to make a survival/ stealth fishing rod with a willow branch and some curtain wire eyes. Also I made my lunch- noodles and a brew with minimal gear. Lighter used= Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos source

Primitive Crawdad Spear

Ya cant pass up on some good eating... but to eat them, you have to make a way to catch them! Therefore, behold... the CRAWDAD GRABBER thing! I wont say this is how we cooked em but this does work really well! source

Survival Kit in a Tin-Urban Survival Visit my site. Here's my survival kit in a tin. Contents include a lighter, matches, ferro rod, button compass, alcohol wipes, bandages, fishing line, sinkers, hooks, jig, ear plugs that can be used as hearing protection or as floats/bobbers, tinfoil, orange marker tape, safety