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A Primitive Squirrel Hunt | Live Free or Die

Matt uses his atlatl, a weapon once used to take down woolly mammoths, to hunt a squirrel. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Watch all clips of Live Free or Die here: About Live Free or Die: Live Free or Die follows five members of a remote but growing American subculture of self-proclaimed Re-Wilders who’ve

Wild Camp ~ Air Gun Rabbit Hunt ~ Survival Shelter #4

Join me on an over night Summer wild camp ~ Air gun rabbit hunt in my new raised bed shelter ~ July ~ 2015 Into The Wild - Camp #8 Wild Camp #7 Wild Camp #6 Wild Camp #5 Wild Camp #3 Wild Camp #2 Wild Camp #1 Squirrel Hunt Bow Trap Squirrel Raw Hide Bow String Survival Bow and Arrows Spring

Bushcraft traps: log deadfall trap

a log deadfall trap... If you would like to see other videos about UK wilderness survival and bushcraft skills have a look at my other videos I have many videos of most traps including deadfalls ,snare traps, net traps, cage traps, spear traps UK legal trap set ups, etc I also have videos