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Tree Root Survival Shelter – Fast Build, Minimal Tools

When in a Survival situation it is important to use your Bushcraft knowledge and utilise the natural resources surrounding you. This video shows you how I build a fast survival shelter for emergency situations where time and elements are against you. Thank you for watching the video. Instagram: More Bushcraft Videos

Bushcraft Solo Three Day Hunting & Bushcraft

About MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life. Hi my names Mike and I live in Northern Sweden, Welcome to my channel! My videos cover Bushcraft, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear. Fire lighting with natural tinders, fishing and hunting, slingshot

Bushcraft Equipment: Hobo Fishing Kit

a little video showing my homemade hobo handline fishing kit If you would like to see other videos about UK wilderness survival and bushcraft skills have a look at my other videos I have many videos of most traps including deadfalls ,snare traps, net traps, cage traps, UK legal set ups, etc I