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SAS Recon Foldable/ Take Down BOW

SAS has released a new foldable bow on the heels of their first bow, this one is quicker to deploy, theres pros and cons as discussed in the video. GET ONE HERE! SAS Recon Bow (FREE SHIPPING TO USA AND CANADA) Arrows Pants worn in Video here (CANADA) (USA) ZOmbie target Get a Bug

SAS Tactical Survival Bow – Most asked questions

In this video we clarify 3 of our most asked question: 1. What if I lose my retaining pin screw? Am I screwed? 2. How many arrows fit inside the bow? 3. Should my end caps fit 100% flush? Get yours now at (USA) (Amazon USA) (Canada) (UK) (South Africa) source

Survival Bow – SAS Compact Folding Survival Bow – Behind the Design

Survival Bow Get yours now at (USA) (Amazon USA) (Canada) (UK) (South Africa) In this video the lead engineer of Survival Archery Systems takes you through the design and development of the SAS Tactical Survival Bow. A compact folding bow designed specifically for compact, lightweight backpacking and a tool designed to