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Primitive Survival Fish Trap. (FISH CAUGHT)

In this video i show you how to make a very effective primitive survival fish trap. If you are reading this then your awesome, and i wish you a great day. The "secret word" is swordfish. Leave a comment with it. Haha. /Andree /NorthSurvival. FACEBOOK: MY PATREON: Hi my friends,

APOCABOX Unboxing | Survival, Bushcraft, and Prepper Gear & Tools Subscription Box

If you liked this video, please consider supporting us on Thank you! Join us as we open up the Apocabox - a bimonthly subscription box that's chock full of survival, prepper, and bushcraft tools and goodies, like traps, medicinal plant honey, tinder, and more! Check out APOCABOX here: Disclaimer: This was

Making a survival/stealth fishing rod and lunch by the river

Today I thought ill show you a way to make a survival/ stealth fishing rod with a willow branch and some curtain wire eyes. Also I made my lunch- noodles and a brew with minimal gear. Lighter used= Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos source

SURVIVAL TRAPS : Highwaymans Hitch snare

A demonstration of how to set a snare trap using a highwaymans hitch as the release mechanism. MORE INFO & VIDEOS : Bow making: Survival traps: Hobo stove : FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: My name is malc , i'm from the UK ,i practice bushcraft and survival & also do a bit of