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Clueless Friends Choose My Gear!! ($50 Fishing Challenge!)

In this Fishing Challenge, I supply two of my best friends with some $$ and ask them to purchase me a surprise rod to fish with! Btw, my friends don't know anything about fishing... this should be interesting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►T-SHIRTS!!! ►Jerry's Channel! ►Zac's Twitch! Again, I want to thank each and

DIY Mini Fishing Pole

I had so much fun making this! Thanks for watching this, It is awesome! How to make a DIY Mini Fishing Pole: ------------------------------------------------------------ 1) You need: Fishing Pole, Paint (optional), tape, and saw 2) Cut the pole 3) put the other half of the pole in the part you cut 4) Paint 5) Enjoy! Thank you guys

Indian FISHING POLE (Survival skills)

Hi Guys, In this video we have revealed an indigenous technique to make a fishing rod or fishing pole. This costs almost nothing, within a $ you can purchase the plastic wire (Synthetic thread) and Hook, rest other (Bamboo stick and floating stem/stick) you can collect it from nature in

Bushcraft Fishing

I demo a simple fishing pole that is built in the wilderness from natural materials and a safety pin. I also show you how to use the pole without the safety pin. Also shown is where to find live bait and how to make a quick fish