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EPIC DIY Survival Fishing Kit

Thanks for watching! In this short video, I create a small Survival Fishing Kit made to be stowed away in a hiking backpack only to be used in a survival situation in order to catch fish (food) in a pinch. This kit is all contained in an Altoids Tin and takes

$20 Walmart Ice Fishing Challenge (#1)

Already been done on open water! Check out this one on hard water! We hope you guys enjoyed! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►$20 Walmart bass fishing challenge #1- ►$20 Walmart bass fishing challenge #2- source

Perch Traps Perch traps can be a good source of food. The north American Indians used to use fish as fertilizer. These fish could be used as a form of organic fertilizer, dog food or cat food. fishing perch traps fish pond lakes lake survival trapping source