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Survival Bow and Arrows ~ Full Tutorial

Full step by step guide on how I make my survival Bows and Arrows. Includes the link to my tutorial on making my primitive Squirrel raw hide bow string. Also includes... Making natural binding cordage, Pine pitch glue and everything in-between. Squirrel Raw Hide Bow String Bow Trap Spring Spear Trap Windlass Animal Trap Three

Top 3 Simple Survival Traps

3 types of survival traps. Spring snare,deadfall and simple snare. Size of traps depends on the game size (Mouse,squirrel,rat). I pressed youtube option for ''fixing'' video and it messed up sound a bit. I used here Tramontina Machete and Mora robust. Also this deadfall rat trap you can see in

Personal, Complete Survival Kit

This is a complete emergency bag set up, for if i got lost or stranded. I go over the items and share my gear and thoughts. Shoulder/butt pack water bottle pouch Survival tabs Fishing kit Poncho Tinder Squares Light weight stove source

How-To Make A Survival Slingshot

In this Schrade Quick Tip video we will show a quick and effective way to build an improvised survival slingshot in the field. Stick around until the end of the video to learn how to make this reliable survival hunting tool while also getting a few tips from our experts

8 Survival Gadgets Put to the Test

8 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Subscribe to my 2nd channel follow me on: instagram facebook - CrazyRussianHacker Playlists: Science Experiments - Life Hacks - Survival Ideas - source