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Don’t make these deadly wilderness mistakes

Every year, people get lost in the wilderness areas and are rescued. But some vanish and are never found. The statistics are frightening. Don’t become one. Learn from these common mistakes to keep from dying in the backcountry and possibly winning a Darwin award. by Leon Pantenburg The older couple at the Swampy

Five reasons to own a .22 rifle |

A firearm using the diminutive .22 rimfire cartridge should be in every survival/preparedness gear collection. Here is why you should consider adding one to yours. by Leon Pantenburg The favorite cartridge of most .22 shooters is the .22 Long Rifle. The 40 grain bullet is very effective. I love a .22 rimfire rifle

How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage

Summer storms are made worse by hot weather! Heat waves, coupled with power outages, can be deadly. Learn what you can do! By Leon Pantenburg What happens when an earthquake occurs along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (The United States’ second largest earthquake area, located near New Madrid, Mo., along the Mississippi

A D-Day Veteran Remembers Omaha Beach

Ahead of the amphibious assault soldiers lay “Fortress Europe.”  Behind them was the rising sea. At stake, was the final outcome of World War II. Here is the story of an American hero. by Leon Pantenburg June 6, 2018 will  mark the 74th anniversary of D-Day. On Memorial Day weekend,  I honor my