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Jungle Survival Training with the Medicine Shaman This video gives a short rundown of a few jungle plants and some of the training we do with a local shaman that has healed thousands of people with jungle medicine. This is all part of our jungle survival training in Nicaragua with SIGMA 3 instructors. Signup today on our mailing

U.S and Philippine Marine Corps Trained to Survive in the Jungle

Trained to make fire, hunt for food, a snake viand, making trap and more.. All in jungle survival training between US and The Philippines Armed Force. Note: Re-titled Video Courtesy: 31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines by Sgt Paul Robbins Blogs: Website: Facebook: source

The Monkey Trap (Jungle Survival)

This time: Hunting Monkeys. Jungle Survival: The only sources of animal protein were the many wild species inhabiting the forest and streams. Especially fish, caymans, snakes, deer, monkey, tapir, parrots, various water fowl, and many others. You are relatively disadvantaged because your size, anatomy, and sense organs equip you poorly for locating