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EPIC NEW SURVIVAL GAME – Taming, Building, Morphing, Hunting | Spirit Animal Survival Gameplay | #1

This game has so much potential! It will definitely go far. Buy it now BEFORE the price and popularity goes up!! Add it to your steam wishlists :D *TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE “BELL” BUTTON AFTER SUBSCRIBING!* I'm partnered with Torguard VPN! Use this link ( + Promo code 'AWESOME' at

Ecky Plays Project Zomboid | S08 E21 | Traps

Setting traps Remember to leave a like on the video! It could really help out! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- For more Project Zomboid gameplay check out these playlists: Project Zomboid Singleplayer Season 06 - Project Zomboid Multiplayer Season 01 - Project Zomboid Multiplayer Season 02 - Project Zomboid Multiplayer Season 03 - For more survival gameplay check