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In this video I review the 8 Inch Survival/Hunting knife that I bought at Harbor Freight years ago! How did it do? Well you will just have to watch the video to find out! Please go visit my Patreon page! Every dollar goes back into the channel to make it Bigger,

The Best Throwing Knives? From Our Personal Collection! | Survival, Outdoor & Hunting Gear

Today we test the best throwing knives available from our personal collections. The Throwing knives we test today include Cold Steel Mini Flight Sport, Perfect Balance, Pro Balance, Pro Flight and Sure Flight. SHOP NOW: Cold Steel Mini Flight Sport Cold Steel Perfect Balance Sport 13.5" Throwing Knife Cold Steel Pro Balance Sport 13.25"

Trapping | Episode 14 – Putting Out Beaver Traps

George goes out and explores some ponds and sets some beaver traps. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Check out our other Series: Want to see more videos like this one? Be sure to click that like button and subscribe! Thanks for watching Warning: George is a unprofessionally trained moron, don't be like George! Intro/Outro Song: Pumpin' Irony