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Creative Man Made Fish Trap Using Plastic Basket To Catch Catfish – Cambodia Fishing For Survival

Today I have an amazing video about "How To Make Fish Trap Using Plastic Basket To Catch A Lot Of Catfish - Cambodia Fishing For Survival". Please help subscribe for more great videos. Thanks for support. Liked Videos: Please Like & Share. Thanks for subscribe --------------------------- Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: --------------------------- Cut and Run

✔ TOP 5 Best Homemade Weapons

TOP 5 Best Homemade Weapons. - 3 Life Hacks: SUBSCRIBE: - Follow Me: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: - CAVEAT: This video is just to show what can be done with household materials. No weapons or conduct experiments shown here without adult supervision. And taking all appropriate protective measures. I am not responsible for any misuse, which

How to make Tricky Traps | MrGear

How to make tricky traps ? 5 tricky traps: In this video clip I am going to show you the best 5 traps to survive! facebook - 1. Lifting cord eye. 2. This trap can be used on two pathways at the same time. 3. Falling (striking) trap. 4. Small-sized fish trap (with

Paracord Fishing & Survival Bracelet

How to make a paracord bracelet with a fishing kit inside. In this "how-to" video I share an idea that I developed to integrate fishing tackle into a standard, cobra weave paracord survival bracelet while still maintaining the original look, feel, and functionality of the bracelet. This survival bracelet includes