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My Survival Kit + Daypack + Pocket Kit

About time eh? Gear List: Backpack: WiSport Sparrow 20L Knife: Becker BK-7 ( Smith's Pocket Sharpener ( Bear Gryll's Fire-Steel ( Stainless Steel Waterbottle (The Range) Stainless Steel Cup/Toothbrush holder (ASDA) Charcloth Tin (Self made from an air rifle pellet tin) 15x15cm Wire Mesh ( Eco-straw ( 4x Tent Pegs ( Sheath for gathering materials (TP-1700 Camlink Tripod Case) Cotton Bandanna Paracord Hammock

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!

Here's a few handy tips and tricks that may just come in useful one day. Part 2 Here! ------------------------------------ Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and camping. Twitter: Facebook: Google+: ------------------------------------ Video requests are welcome – if you’d like to see a particular skill that I’ve not yet shown then feel free to