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7 Days to die All weapons Alpha 16.4

7 Days to die All weapons Alpha 16.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRENCH: 0:00-0:11 STONE SHOVEL: 0:12-0:23 STONE AXE: 0:24-0:36 GARDENING HOE: 0:37-0:51 BONE SHIV: 0:52-1:05 IRON PICKAXE: 1:06-1:18 TORCH: 1:19-1:31 STEEL PICKAXE: 1:32-1:45 IRON FIREAXE: 1:46-1:57 FLASHLIGHT: 1:58-2:13 AUGER: 2:14-2:25 LARGE BONE: 2:26-2:38 IRON SHOVEL: 2:39-2:50 WOODEN CLUB: 2:51-3:03 STEEL SHOVEL: 3:04-3:16 CLAW HAMMER: 3:17-3:30 BARBED CLUB: 3:31-3:45 STEEL FIREAXE: 3:46-3:57 IRON REINFORCED CLUB: 3:58-4:10 TAZA'S STONE AXE: 4:11-4:21 HUNTING KNIFE: 4:22-4:33 SPIKED CLUB: 4:34-4:48 MACHETE:

Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!

Brandon's team over at Stresslevelzero have been hard at work building the ground work for their new game. After months of work this demo was created to showcase the future of VR guns! For business inquiries email You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, source

Nomad Compact Take-Down Survival Bow

We take a look at the Spectre II survival bow by Xpectre Inc. In my opinion this is the Glock of survival bows. It is lightweight, compact, almost indestructible . via YouTube Capture Fiberglass riser and limbs 45-lb draw Arrow rest Three survival arrows that screw together Includes storage pouch/quiver Left-