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Ganzo Survival Knives Compared G8012 VS G803 Knife Wars

In this episode of knife wars we compare the Ganzo g8012 with the newer g803 is it better we find out. Ganzo G8012 is available here Ganzo G803 is available here Check out my full review of the G8012 here And my other knife reviews here Recommended Top 10 Knives from Gearbest (affiliate links) Hx Outdoors

BCB | Life Raft Fishing kit | Review

In this video I open up the fishing kit and review the contents. BCB LIFERAFT FISHING KIT SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT. Instructions included CONTENTS: line 36 metres (118 feet) winder swivels hooks weights Manufacturers website Buy it here source

B.O.B. Hunting Fishing Trapping Gear Overview

An overview of my B.O.B. tools for meat acquisition. Itemized List: -90mm Leg-hold Rat Trap -100cm Crayfish Crawdad Lobster Prawn Accordion Trap -Fishing Yo-Yo REEL -7ft Aluminum Pole Spear -25m Clea Monofilament Fishing Gill Net -Vietnam Trip / Snare Wire 160ft My Patreon: Bitcoin Address: 1AtaFo7aZkdyNPh6oRGScppDUj7LXBEyFa Join My Facebook Page for Updates: source

My Survival Kit / Outdoor Gear (2015)

Gear List & Sources: Water: TOAKS 450ml - TOAKS 600ml Pot – 15x15cm Stainless Wire Mesh – Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets – 4x Stainless Steel Tent Pegs Cotton Bandana Char Tin ( .22 Air Rifle Pellet Tin) Fire: BE-X Firesteel – BCB Stormproof Matches – Wilderness Solutions Amber Fire-Piston – Fire Steel