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Fenix rechargeable headlamp should be in your gear

I love headlamps, and think one should be in everyone’s emergency gear. This Fenix rechargeable headlamp deserves consideration for your emergency gear and/or Bug Out Bag. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: is a survivalcommonsense sponsor. I did not get a free product for this review, and was not paid to write it.

Before you buy a gun

Few actions require more fore-thought than purchasing a firearm. But more important than the style, caliber, action and size is the reason for buying  one in the first place. Why do you want a firearm? Do you really need it?  Would you be better off without a gun? You

Leave a Note, Save Your Life!

If nobody knows you’ve gone, or where to look, or when you’re expected back, it could be a long wait  to be rescued! by Leon Pantenburg A detailed note, left behind before any outing, should be a standard procedure. The note could end up being a lifesaver. A memo book could be one

Attach a whistle to your child |

 You can only yell for help as long as your voice lasts. Here’s why you need to carry a whistle. by Leon Pantenburg To keep your child safe in the city or in the wilderness, the proper training and a whistle, may be the most important tools. Attach whistles to outdoor and

Useful addition to emergency kit

Survival gear doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Some of the best items are common, easily-found products you may already have. One of those items is a large metal cup. Here’s why you need one.  by Leon Pantenburg I slogged along in the ranks, Springfield slung over my shoulder, headed

Choose the right sleeping bag

One piece of gear you don’t want to have to improvise is a sleeping bag. If you can’t sleep at night because you’re cold, the next day is guaranteed to be exhausting. by Leon Pantenburg I graduated, less than penniless, from Iowa State University in 1976, and decided to go backpacking