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Fenix rechargeable headlamp should be in your gear

I love headlamps, and think one should be in everyone’s emergency gear. This Fenix rechargeable headlamp deserves consideration for your emergency gear and/or Bug Out Bag. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: is a survivalcommonsense sponsor. I did not get a free product for this review, and was not paid to write it.

Before you buy a gun

Few actions require more fore-thought than purchasing a firearm. But more important than the style, caliber, action and size is the reason for buying  one in the first place. Why do you want a firearm? Do you really need it?  Would you be better off without a gun? You

Leave a Note, Save Your Life!

If nobody knows you’ve gone, or where to look, or when you’re expected back, it could be a long wait  to be rescued! by Leon Pantenburg A detailed note, left behind before any outing, should be a standard procedure. The note could end up being a lifesaver. A memo book could be one