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Amazing Deep Hole Fish Trap And PVC To Catch A Lot Of Catfish – Fishing For Survival

Wow! very creative man make fishing trap with deep hole and PVC to catch a lot of catfish in Cambodia. Please help subscribe for more video. Thanks for support. Liked Videos: Please Like & Share. Thanks for subscribe --------------------------- Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: source

Survival Fish Trap using just one hand.

Amazing Survival Fish Trap using just one hand and some rocks, expending the least amount of energy possible during the construction and catching. You don't need any tools, or weapons. The key to survival is keeping your head. It doesn't matter what your are up against, if you loose your head

Automatic Fishing Pole Primitive Trap

This video describes how to build a super fast and efficient fishing trap trigger. If you support SIGMA 3 Survival School, then please share like and subscribe. Also please click on ads. Clicking these ads provides us extra revenue to make more and better videos! So please help support us and