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How to tell poison iris from cattails

You won’t starve in the wilderness if you can find cattails. Every part of the plant is edible. But don’t mistake a toxic look-alike, the poison iris, for the edible plant. Here is how to tell the difference. by Leon Pantenburg Look for the cattail head, regardless of the time of

Best water shoe review: Merrell Capra

Here’s a solid shoe designed for the canoeist, kayaker or anyone who does a lot of water activities, and who might need to portage heavy gear over muddy trails. by Leon Pantenburg I was not paid to write this review, and at the time of publication Merrell has no sponsorship relationship

Make a Personal Earthquake Survival Kit

Earthquakes are happening this week, and  one could occur while you’re at work.  Here’s how to use a personal earthquake survival kit to escape a collapsing building. by Leon Pantenburg An earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster is unlikely to happen? And, of course, not to you? You don’t need to