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How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage

Summer storms are made worse by hot weather! Heat waves, coupled with power outages, can be deadly. Learn what you can do! By Leon Pantenburg What happens when an earthquake occurs along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (The United States’ second largest earthquake area, located near New Madrid, Mo., along the Mississippi

Making a Fish Trap Basket Part 3

Choosing frame style and lashing base framework. This is part 3 of a multi part set of detailed instruction and information on making a fish trap basket using different natural materials as not to strip any 1 area of nature . Please feel free to comment, share, like, and please subscribe. Please join

Sinew Backed Yew Bow

After six months of work, this Yew wood bow is now complete. In this video Martin shoots a few arrows into a target. In a wilderness survival situation, primitive skills, bushcraft, and wilderness living skills can save your life. In this video we focus on primitive technology. If you enjoyed