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Return to the Desert Forest Survival Camp (Day 2)

Welcome to Can We Survive. Join us as we explore North America and experience a variety of outdoor adventures. Become a Patreon Sponsor Today, Official Sponsor: Shane Marble Our Personal Daily Vlogs, Niels: Chris: Follow us on Twitter: Chris: Niels: source

How to Make an Ishi Style Bow (Part 1 of 8)

In this video series Chuck, from heartwood bows takes you through an entire bow build. If you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button, share on social media, and subscribe to Primitive Lifeways on YouTube. Check out my website here: Check out Chuck's website here: In a wilderness

Sinew Backed Yew Bow

After six months of work, this Yew wood bow is now complete. In this video Martin shoots a few arrows into a target. In a wilderness survival situation, primitive skills, bushcraft, and wilderness living skills can save your life. In this video we focus on primitive technology. If you enjoyed