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I Hate Bear Traps… | Unofficial PvP S2 Ep. 1 | ARK: Survival Evolved

today we start out on my new server thats completely amazing and you should join!!! Server IP: Server Discord: Discord: Twitch: Twitter: Need a server? Try Nitrado: Support Me: Patreon: Songs Used: source

SHTF WROL NSIG Makeshift Weapons

Video showing you some makeshift weapons my son made out of scrap metal using good ole ingenuity. Hopefully this video will give you some ideas of some weapons one could make if "they had too". "Big Rock by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"" Additional Tags: makeshift weapons homemade

Homemade Spear-Urban Survival Visit my site. I made a spear out of salvaged materials, since in the event of a collapse two of my main concerns would be home invasions and feral dogs. I like the idea of having something long and pointy between me and a