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Underwater DRONE!! Helps me catch GIANT FISH!

Using the Nemo underwater drone to help us find and catch fish while fishing! This is the best day of fishing I have ever had - we got into some absolute MONSTERS!! Nemo Drone: Check out Nemo's Channel: ►P's Instagram: reeldealfishing302 Again, I want to thank each and every one of you

Worlds Worst Fisherman – Catch and Cook

I am by far the worst fisherman on the planet. SAVE 30% ON YOUR TACKLE HERE - THE KNIVES I USE - ORDER MY BOOK ON AMAZON HERE - ► GET GOOGAN BAITS HERE - ► SPONSOR HERE - ► Subscribe Here - ► My Apparel - ► Googan Monthly

Fresh Caught Dungeness Crab Cooked in BEER!!

Caught a healthy male dungeness crab and did something I've always wanted to do ... steamed it in beer! Modelo ftw. Watch to learn some crab snaring tips and whether or not beer-steamed crab tastes good. Outdoor Camp Cooking Set -- Outdoor Stove Wind Shield -- Fishing Gear --