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FACEOFF: Best Budget Fixed Blade Knives — Mora Vs Marttiini [Camping, Hunting, Survival, Bushcraft]

Looking for the best budget-friendly fixed blade knife for camping, hunting, survival or bushcraft? Well look no further! Check out my face-off video between Mora vs Marttiini and go to if you'd like to purchase these knives! God bless! Mora Craftline Robust: Mora Companion (Heavy Duty): Mora Bushcraft: Mora Bushcraft (with all

Warehouse Hunts: Camping and Survival Fixed Blade Knives

Check out the featured knives: See all camping and survival blades: Join us every week as we plunge deep into the goblin-protected vaults of the KnifeCenter warehouse to see what treasures we can find. This week we're looking at several different multi-tools to help you stay prepared in any situation. Check