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Best Sub $20 Bug Out Kit – FIRE BOSS KIT

The BOSS Kits. Perfect Bug Out Upgrades/ Supplements to your Pre-existing Kit or for any New Prepper! They are Only $19.99 and Free Shipping Use Checkout Code: DROPFORGE10 for 10% off Anything on their Website! Pick up SIGNAL BOSS Kit Here: Pick up WATER BOSS Kit Here: Pick up Shelter BOSS

B.O.B. Hunting Fishing Trapping Gear Overview

An overview of my B.O.B. tools for meat acquisition. Itemized List: -90mm Leg-hold Rat Trap -100cm Crayfish Crawdad Lobster Prawn Accordion Trap -Fishing Yo-Yo REEL -7ft Aluminum Pole Spear -25m Clea Monofilament Fishing Gill Net -Vietnam Trip / Snare Wire 160ft My Patreon: Bitcoin Address: 1AtaFo7aZkdyNPh6oRGScppDUj7LXBEyFa Join My Facebook Page for Updates: source

Yo Yo Trap- Survival Fishing

This a video on how to employ light weight yo yo traps for your survival bug out kit. They can easily be setup in many configurations and are extremely lightweight for the amount of food they can produce. This is a must have item for your bug out and kit