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Home Made Survival Weapons | DIY SHTF Weapons

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Survival/Hobo Fishing Kit

Going over my Survival/Hobo Fishing Kit. This particular kit was made popular by Dave Canterbury several years ago and is very easy to make. I have used it for years with good success. Stop by the Amazon Page: Always Remember your PPE: Plan, Prepare, Exercise Always make sure you have

B.O.B. Hunting Fishing Trapping Gear Overview

An overview of my B.O.B. tools for meat acquisition. Itemized List: -90mm Leg-hold Rat Trap -100cm Crayfish Crawdad Lobster Prawn Accordion Trap -Fishing Yo-Yo REEL -7ft Aluminum Pole Spear -25m Clea Monofilament Fishing Gill Net -Vietnam Trip / Snare Wire 160ft My Patreon: Bitcoin Address: 1AtaFo7aZkdyNPh6oRGScppDUj7LXBEyFa Join My Facebook Page for Updates: source