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How to blend in and walk home after a disaster

You’re driving home from work, something “big” just happened and you’re completely stuck in gridlock on the highway. You heard the news – it’s really bad and folks are panicked. But, you’re prepared for this scenario. You abandon your car, grab your Get-Your-Ass-Home backpack out of your trunk and start walking. How do

Improving Your Fishing kits Part 1.

A short video about improving Your Fishing kits. BOSS. BUG OUT SURVIVAL SYSTEMS. ALL my kits come under IP Intellectual property for more info Sending my love to China...... source

BOSS Fishing and Hunting Kit

For a limited time you can get this fishing kit for only $19.99!! Check it out. This is a review of the Bug Out and Survival Supplement Fishing and Hunting Kit. This is provided by Standford Outdoor Supply. The main store link is and the link to the

Survival Bow by PGU

lets take a look at my friends survival bow by Primal Gear Unlimited (PGU). Its a Compacted folding Long Bow. Fits nice into a backpack, bug out bag. Vary nice piece of equipment for Survival, Prepping, or Bushcraft. source

Fire Hardening Spears & Gigs

Fire Hardening Spears & Gigs School of Self Reliance presents how to make a spear and frog gig and then how to fire harden these tools for use in the woods. This is a skill you should practice frequently to become used to the length of time needed to fire-harden