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Make a Fishing & Hunting Lanyard with Survival Paracord – BoredParacord

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Paracord Survival Bracelet with fishing kit, fire starter, and signaling! – Minimalist

This video shows an overview of the Minimalist bracelet and how to take it apart. The bracelet includes: 20+ ft of 50lb test braided fishing line 2 fish hooks 1 magnetized needle 1 straw 1 striker name plate/signal mirror 1 whistle (usable without disassembly) 1 firesteel (usable without disassembly) That'll give you a paracord bracelet worthy of

Paracord Fishing & Survival Bracelet

How to make a paracord bracelet with a fishing kit inside. In this "how-to" video I share an idea that I developed to integrate fishing tackle into a standard, cobra weave paracord survival bracelet while still maintaining the original look, feel, and functionality of the bracelet. This survival bracelet includes