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RAFT NEW Update! BOW Hunting Sharks and Seagulls! (Raft Bow Update)

Raft Survival 2018 Gameplay - Crafting a Bow, Bow and arrows Hunting Sharks & Gulls (Raft Survival 2018 Gameplay Part 9) Find me here: ●Facebook: ●Twitter: ●Instagram: Welcome to the NEW RAFT! We have new items, secret islands, blueprints for rare items and a whole underwater world

WOW! Atmos Backpack Survival Longbow – BEST Bug Out / Hunting / Archery Bow Ever? You Decide…

NEW! Do-Everything Survival / Hunting / Bug Out Bag Bow - ATMOS Longbow - Fits in a Backpack & Shoots Like a Dream: LINKS to ALL the Gear in the VIDEO (Below)... Get More ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TIPS: - MSK-1 Survival Knife: - Grab My FREE Survival e-MAG: - ON CarbonTV: - ON

4 Steps to DIY Survival Gig Spear/Fishing Spear

→ Become a Creating4lpha Subscriber: → Pinterest: → My Channel Home Page: → Playlist of more SHTF survival stuff: TOOLS USED: Saw - machete - Zip Ties - source

Do Not Make a PVC Pipe Bow Until You Watch This

Hey everyone! Here's the hammer test, a great way to avoid using brittle PVC pipe when making bows. Remember, if a PVC bow fails, brittle pipe cracks and shatters while impact resistant pipe folds and can be repaired. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Support the channel on Patreon - Here are some

Primitive Skills: Bow and Arrow Made From Bamboo

Primitive Skills: Bow and Arrow Made From Bamboo ------------------------------- Primitive Technology: Woven Bamboo Baskets ---------------------------------- Primitive Skills Follow😍👇 subscribers; Facebook: Google+; twitter; Playlist👇👇👇 - Primitive Technology: - Primitive Technology Interview: video ✍✍✍ Primitive Technology: Woven Bamboo Baskets: Primitive Skills: Make Sandals From Barrk : Primitive Skills: Building a Sleep Mat: Primitive Skills: Catch Crab, Daily Food of Primitive

How To Silence A Recurve Bow

Video sponsored by Mandarin Duck Please visit: Multitool used in this video: How to silence a bow with beaver puffs, velcro and cotton. Want to know what gear I am using? Check out my amazon store: Want a Survival Lilly T-Shirt? Lilly`s new cameras: Sony Olympus ► More Videos To Watch – Lilly’s Favorite