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Survival Fishing Catch n Cook Primitive Gorge Hook

Primitive Survival Fishing 101. From building a primitive fishing rig, catching fish, too cooking them up over the Campfire. GRIM SURVIVAL: (Buy through this link to support our channel) Outdoor Element TITAN SURVIVAL: (Buy through this link to support our channel) If you have the ability and desire

Snake Fishing -Advanced Survival Skill-

An advanced survival demonstration of how to fish for snakes using primitive materials and techniques. WARNING: Snake handling is inherently dangerous and the techniques demonstrated in the above video should only be considered during a survival situation. No snakes were harmed in the production of this video. To find my

Primitive Net Build -Survival Fish Trap-

A step by step demonstration on making a primitive hoop net from foraged materials. As a fish trap or sein, this technique of primitive net building can be a lifesaving skill. To find my Facebook: To support us: Paypal or Patreon source