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We Are All In This Together: Everyone needs to be prepared. It’s not about politics or religion.

All too often prepping and politics are thrown into the same category. This is a bit bothersome and doesn’t help anyone.

The truth is that prepping is something everyone should be doing so that they and their family are taken care of during an emergency or survival situation.

We really are all in this together.

I don’t care what race, gender, religion, or other groups you identify with, we all have to satisfy the same basic needs for food, shelter, water, and some medical care.

There is a stereotype that preppers are all very conservative and don’t like those that are “different” I actually thought about how I would be perceived in the larger prepper community and the truth is that I have never had any prepper come at me for looking the way I do, age, gender, or any other demographic I could be put into.

This is a call to encourage those from all across the political spectrum to be truly open-minded. Don’t make judgments so quickly that someone has no chance to show who they are.

I know that I look probably a bit more like some people would think someone that is way left. Well, I also have some viewpoints that go from the left to the right. All too often everyone tries to put each other in one category or another and that is a mistake that creates discord.  I think a lot of people are out there that have opinions and values that are all across the spectrum but there is such a tendency to “pigeonhole and stereotype” that it is hard for anyone to be seen for what they really are.

Even when I was younger I had someone try to put stereotypes on me about guns. I was in my mid-twenties in Ketchikan, Alaska and working in the office of a financial planner. The head of the NRA in the area was a client and he looked at me sitting there with bleached blonde hair and dressed up and said: ” I bet you are one of those that don’t like guns”. I smiled and said well actually I have a lot of them and have been handling them since I was tiny.” We proceeded to have a conversation about firearms.

This goes to show the judgment goes both ways. Don’t just judge based on appearance or other things that are small potatoes when it really comes down to it. You don’t have to agree with everything about a person to value them or help them. Variety is a good thing and if treated right, it can help anyone grow as a person.

The attitude of a lot of people now seems to be that if you do not 100% agree with basically everything one side or the other says there is something profoundly wrong with you and it justifies hateful remarks and dehumanizing of the other party.

Everyone loses when the mentality is that we cannot discuss differences without a yelling match.

I have people on Facebook that I know are not trolls, say ok now you can start screaming and yelling about_______. This happened to involve the gun debate but you can fill in with whatever viewpoint you want.

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Well call me old school but I have always been able to discuss a topic without screaming and yelling. Apparently, that is what some want and when that is the case everyone loses an important matter and different perspectives are not shared. I don’t have to talk down to people I don’t agree with.

I don’t think there is something wrong with you having a totally different opinion than me on a given topic. I like living in a world with varying viewpoints. If we were all the same in every way that would not be a great thing. When someone challenges your opinion or makes you think you grow as a person and hopefully become a better one.


What happened to valuing the opinion of others even if it was different than yours?

All this left versus right stuff distracts people from learning and at worst it sets the basis for people to think all planning is nutty and for paranoid tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

I had one person say those preppers all dream of the day they can have civil unrest and overthrow the government. My response was that I have never heard a prepper express that was their desire. I have heard them concerned that government entities would come to them or that they were concerned about civil unrest.

Preppers and most other people just want the same basic thing and that is to live in peace  I have never had a reader say they wanted SHTF to happen but they don’t want their families to suffer if it does.

Even the government recommends prepping so the argument of preppers all being anti-government doesn’t fly with me.

FEMA has a lengthy booklet advising everyone to prep for emergencies. One thing that some outside the prepping movement do not get is that prepping is not just about preparing for the apocalypse. Prepping is about making sure you have the necessities of life if any type of situation arises. Natural disasters like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, floods, tsunamis, etc affect everyone in a given area and beyond. A few years back a hurricane took out a refinery in Texas. Western NC is the end of the fuel line so we had a gas shortage. Nature doesn’t care about politics or moral differences.


Myth: Preppers don’t like certain types of people, especially those that are “different”.


Take it from a woman with weird hair, two facial piercings, and a bunch of tattoos, the prepping community is welcoming to anyone that wants to learn. I have never had anyone in the prepping or homesteading community make fun of me or try to discredit me based on appearance or gender.

You readers have been extremely kind to me and I feel that you have read my posts with an open mind. It makes me smile every time I get a thank you or comment. I think BDS readers are a great group of compassionate people that are real “thinkers”.

Sure there may be some groups or sites that have readers and members that are the exception but I think you will find it is quite rare. The worst thing anyone ever wrote to me, in all honesty, was a dirty story about turtles. I can live with that after writing this stuff as long as I have. Some folks just have too much time on their hands!

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Why does Backdoor Survival never have political posts?

We want everyone to feel welcome at Backdoor Survival. While we value opinions and we all have our own, we do not take on major political issues or religious matters. There are plenty of sites that do this out there but it is also good to have some that are inclusive and stick to preparedness for everyone.

While some of our posts do take into account current events like school shootings and we sometimes express some of our personal opinions, we try to approach it from the viewpoint of how it affects everyone not just left versus right.

While we do not block comments that are critical, there is a limit to what we can allow on the site. While we will post comments with political opinions, if there is an extreme amount of 4 letter words or if someone chooses to use very hateful speech that is not contributing the conversation we may choose to take out the obscenity.

This is very rare. In fact, there is only one comment I can think of where I felt this was necessary and I have been at Backdoor Survival for more than a year.  We want honest opinions but there are plenty of ways to do that and respect one another.

We really want everyone to feel welcome and learn together. The comments section is for learning and growing, not attacking each other no matter how different your opinion might be

Prepping is about taking care of you and yours. Here are some links to get started that everyone can benefit from! Please share this with all!

FEMA & The Red Cross “Preparing For Disaster” 

Backdoor Survival Water Supply Start Page

Backdoor Survival Food Supply Start Page

Please browse through our many different posts and use the handy search to find just what you need on a lot of topics. We are always looking for ideas for informative posts related to preparedness and homesteading. Please feel free to email me any topics you would like to see at Backdoor Survival.  While I am just a writer and not an owner at BDS I do like to hear back from readers so we can know how good we are doing and what can be improved to make this the best site it can be. I look forward to hearing from you.

I can be reached at [email protected]

Stay Safe Out There,




Prepping is something everyone should do and has nothing to do with politics or religion unless we choose to make it that way. We are all in this together.

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