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Vague Knife Ban Case Goes to Supreme Court

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at New York’s vague “gravity knife” ban.

Vague Knife Ban Case Goes to Supreme Court

Reader G.P. suggested this by attorney Eugene Volokh: Knife Ban and Vagueness Case at Supreme Court Conference

PG&E Cuts Power to Reduce Wildfire Risks

PG&E cuts power in Northern California to reduce wildfire risks. JWR’s Comment:  Of course without power, unless rural landowners have gravity-fed water (which is a rarity), they would be without water to wet down around their houses, to be ready for an approaching fire. This is all the more reason to have an independent power system!

20 Everyday Tasks that Nobody Does Anymore

Reader DSV sent this piece by Kim Komando: 20 everyday tasks that nobody does anymore.

Self-Defense with an Unregistered Gun

A hat tip to DSV for this New York news item: Old Man Charged With Felony After Shooting Two Robbers In His Own Home. A snippet:

The homeowner, 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk, shot and killed Patricia Anne Talerico and her nephew, Nicholas Talerico. But Stolarczyk hasn’t been charged with a homicide. At least not yet. What has police concerned is the handgun Stolarczyk used.

…Stolarczyk is charged with felony gun possession because investigators believe he used his deceased father’s gun, which he never registered to himself, to kill the two suspected intruders.

So Stolarczyk’s father either gave or left the handgun in question to his son. Under New York’s famously restrictive gun control laws, the son wasn’t required to undergo a background check to receive the handgun from his father. But he did need to have a pistol permit to legally own the firearm and have it registered in his name.

The Gateway Pundit Reports: The incident happened in Deerfield, New York, about 40 miles east of Syracuse, in Oneida county.

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Tar Rises Up Onto Streets Near La Brea Tar Pits

One more from G.P., with video: Tar, Natural Gas Rises Up Onto Streets Near La Brea Tar Pits

Photos of Travelers at Border Have Been Hacked

Another from G.P., at BuzzFeed: Photos Of Travelers Coming In And Out Of The US Have Been Hacked And Stolen. A quote:

“A US Customs and Border Protection subcontractor suffered a data breach that exposed the photos of tens of thousands of travelers coming in and out of the United States, the agency revealed Monday, in what it described as a “malicious cyber-attack.”

The database of identifying traveler photos and license plate images had been transferred to a CBP subcontractor’s network without the federal agency’s authorization or knowledge, CBP explained. The subcontractor’s network was then hacked, though CBP said its own systems had not been compromised.

The compromised photos were taken of travelers in vehicles coming in and out of the US through specific lanes at a single Port of Entry over a one and a half months period. Fewer than 100,000 people had their information compromised by the attack, according to a law enforcement official.

No other identifying information was included with the photos and no passport or other travel document photos were compromised, the official said. Images of airline passengers from the air entry and exit process were also not involved.

The cyberattack comes amid the ongoing rollout of CBP’s “biometric entry-exit system,” the government initiative to biometrically verify the identities of all travelers crossing US borders. As BuzzFeed News reported earlier this year, CBP is scrambling to implement the initiative with the goal of using facial recognition technology on “100 percent of all international passengers,” including American citizens, in the top 20 US airports by 2021. And it is doing so in the absence of proper vetting, regulatory safeguards, and what privacy advocates say is in defiance of the law, BuzzFeed News found.”

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