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Use Single Walled Stainless Steel Canteen For Outdoor Survival


I’m just putting it out there for those who may not have thought of this – it’s best NOT to use an ‘insulated’ (double wall) canteen for outdoor survival, and here’s why…

While reflecting on the article, 11 Most Popular Tools For Outdoor Survival, in which a stainless steel canteen with a screw-on lid is #4, I realized that there are a large number of canteens nowadays that are insulated to keep contents cool.

For outdoor survival purposes, you want to look for a non-insulated single wall stainless steel canteen, and here’s why…



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One of the very important attributes of a stainless steel canteen is that you can boil water in it if you need to – for water purification.

A stainless steel container could be hung over a fire (or set in the coals) to boil water to purify it for safe drinking.

Aluminum will work too but I prefer stainless. Stainless Steel will not rust and will resist denting and breakage.

By the way, this is how long you only need to boil water for safe drinking.

A problem arises however if you’re using a double wall insulated canteen.

The double walled construction of such a canteen presents a barrier between the outside wall and the inside wall of the canteen (typically vacuum sealed).

The same principle that keeps your water cool (insulated) will also restrict it from heating to a boil while over a fire.

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With that said, you might consider foregoing the luxury of maintaining a nice chilled canteen of cool drinking water in an insulated canteen for that of an ordinary stainless steel single wall canteen for your outdoor camping or hiking activities… just in case.

Do you know the 5 and 10 C’s of Survival?

One of the ” C’s ” is Container. The idea being to have some sort of container (whatever that may be) that will hold water that you could boil for purification (or cook a meal or whatever).

Maybe it’s simply your mess kit. Or just a metal cup. Or possibly a stainless (or aluminum) water bottle. It’s something to consider for any general purpose survival kit.

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