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The World Doesn’t Have To End For Self Sufficient Living To Save Or Improve Your Life

Truer words never written,

“The world doesn’t have to end for self sufficient living to save or improve your life.”

“The more self sufficient I become and the more I get back to basics, the more grounded I feel.” “All the tech and modern amenities can’t center you,” responds a MSB reader to the statement above…



I’ve written about this in a number of different ways. Today’s title is sourced from a comment that I read here on the blog and is succinct in its message. I felt compelled to post it.

As many of you already know, prepping – preparedness – homesteading, it’s lifestyle.

We’ve made adjustments to our modern way of living, some more than others (and that’s okay). The more adjustments that I make in this regard, the more I’m living a lifestyle (in this regard).

Some of you may have started down this road preparing for “the end of the world” to one degree or another. But many of you have also discovered that the world doesn’t have to end in order to benefit from your preparedness.

I don’t want the world to end.
I don’t want to be forced to deal with the end of the world as we know it.

But by striving towards self sufficiency I am by default preparing for TEOTWAWKI. Because that’s what it’s going to take… self sufficiency (among other things).

I just came in for a short break having shed some additional sweat in the garden. Why in the world would I be toiling there in the sun, shoveling out clumps of weeds, getting all sweaty and filthy, planting corn, beans and other such things?

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Why would I do this when all the food I ever want is down at the grocery store? Am I nuts? I could be doing something else, something ‘fun’, right?

It’s hard to explain in a just a paragraph or two. But it just makes me feel better knowing that I’ve got food growing all on my own (with the help of Mrs.J of course). There’s satisfaction there. A little more self sufficiency for this homestead.

Working your muscles, sweat and labor, at the end of the day feels pretty good. Especially after taking that shower and reflecting on what has been accomplished.

While few of us will ever be truly fully self sufficient, every additional percent that we chip away from external reliance is another step towards being solidly grounded. Rooted. Independent.

And let me tell you something. “It feels good”.

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