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The Next Kristallnacht, by J.J.

Violence perpetrated against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters in recent years have escalated, while simultaneously being played down by the media and opposing political parties. The fact that influential Democrats and news personalities deny the trend serves to appease their leftist base, perhaps even emboldening others. If the course continues to increase, where will it lead? What are the consequences? Has history shown us the answer?


Starting on the night of November 9, 1938 and continuing until the early morning hours of November 10, Jews who lived in Germany suffered the “Night of Broken Glass”, or “Kristallnacht”. Nazis and German residents torched and vandalized Jewish schools, synagogues, and businesses. Streets littered with broken windows gave the night its moniker. This scene was simultaneously the culmination of anti-Semitism in pre-war Germany and the launch point of the Jewish Holocaust.

Not a Spontaneous Situation

Though many are aware of that tragic event and the events that followed, not all are aware of the drawn-out period that led up to it. It was not a spontaneous situation. A slow and gradual buildup of hate instilled in the German people preceded the crisis. This was the ultimate example of the “boiling frog” analogy.

Hitler Only Took Months To Become a Dictator

Once Hitler was sworn in as German Chancellor in 1933, it only took a couple months for him to gain the legal authority to become a dictator. President Paul von Hindenburg was convinced by Hitler and the Nazis to suspend all constitutional guarantees. This enabled the Nazis to freely search any house or person and to seize any weapons found. Due to previous laws after World War I, Germany had very few armed citizens as it was. Weapon licensing and registration provided all the info needed to find and remove firearms.

Boycott of Jewish Businesses

In April of the same year, Hitler called for the boycott of Jewish businesses. Furthermore, he prohibited them from working in government and civil service positions.

In 1935, Jews were no longer allowed in cinemas, theaters, swimming pools, or other public venues. Later that same year, the Nuremberg Race laws were passed. These laws prohibited Jews from marrying or even having sex with anyone who had “German or related blood”.

“Aryanization” of Jewish Businesses

The year 1938 saw the government-led “Aryanization” of Jewish businesses, which meant Jewish employees and managers were fired, and Jewish-owned businesses were sold to non-Jewish Germans at a nominal cost. October of ‘38 saw German passports of Jews marked with the letter J and Polish Jews forced to leave the country.

Nazi Party Took Over Newspapers and Radio

The Nazi party took over newspapers and radio stations almost immediately after Hitler gained power. This enabled the German media to spread the anti-Semitic propaganda as truth, which helped convince many German citizens that the actions against the Jews were necessary and patriotic.

Propaganda and Relentless Accusations Against Jews Catalyst for Violence

After all the propaganda and relentless accusations against the Jews, it only took one catalyst to set-off major violence. In 1938, a Polish Jew living in France was upset after learning his parents had been exiled from Germany. He lashed out and shot a German diplomat in France. Two days later, that man, Ernst vom Rath, died from his wounds. Joseph Goebbels used that assassination to stir up a frenzy of anti-Semitic hatred. This was the incitement needed to start Kristallnacht. Considering that the populace, including the Jewish citizenry, was unarmed, there was little resistance.

Current Climate in U.S. Vilifying Conservative or Republican Ideologies

The current climate in the U.S. seems to be one of vilifying any member of conservative or Republican based ideologies. Starting with media push back against the Tea Party in the initial years of Obama’s presidency to current denigration of NRA members, the ridicule of right-leaning citizens and politicians has become a mainstay on both cable news networks and late-night “comedy” programs.

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Democrats Evolved Into Faction That Demands Total Ideological Subjugation

Ironically, liberalism used to represent pushing back against government overreach and protection of nonconformists. Today’s liberals demand toeing their politically correct lines, and attack those who stray “off the plantation”. Considering that Democrats were the primary supporters of slavery, is it any surprise that their party has evolved into a faction that now demands total ideological subjugation?

Independent Bloggers and Journalists Uncover Cooperation Between Government Officials and Media

Modern-day independent bloggers and journalists are starting to uncover alarming cooperation and coordination between “deep state” government officials and national media organizations. Although the First Amendment protects the free media, it does not prohibit that same media from becoming a willing partner when their objectives conform with the ideology of those entrenched in the government. The idea of a free press that holds government officials to account is in direct opposition to what is happening today. Collaboration between the two groups has become more of a threat to our Republic than a government takeover of the media, because it is a motivated and voluntary partnership by a trusted public institution.

Not Much Negative Coverage Against Acts of Terrorists Who Believe What They Hear From Media

When the majority of the media is blatantly biased, is it any wonder that there is not much negative coverage against the acts of both mere hooligans and outright terrorists who wholeheartedly believe what they are hearing from what they consider a supposed objective source. Most notedly, the Antifa movement, whose members hid behind the anonymity of their covered faces, frequently committed violent acts in the name of leftist ideology. There are few instances of condemnation by liberal politicians or the media.

Mere Mockery Actions Now Turning Increasingly Aggressive

It started with mere mockery by using terms like “tea baggers”. The next step was public assaults by Antifa and the shooting of conservative members of Congress. Now it is coordination between media and government to bring down a duly elected president. The evolution (devolution?) of today’s leftist movement is turning increasingly aggressive to those who don’t conform.

Democratic Party and Media Continue to Fail to Denounce Violence

If not exposed and defeated, where will this developing movement of anger and violence against conservatives take us? If the violence continues to occur and increase, will the Democratic party and media continue to fail to denounce it, thereby passively encouraging it? Is there a watershed movement that the left will seize upon to stir up even more hatred, like Goebbels did in 1938, not realizing what consequences may arise?

One Major Difference– Right to Keep and Bear Arms For Citizens

This time there in one major difference. A Constitution that expressly prohibits infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms for citizens. The United States was founded and cultivated by frontiersmen and their firearms. Their descendants used firearms to free us from British tyranny.

Guns are a part of America’s DNA. Some estimates state that there are 300 million firearms owned by 100 million citizens. There is purposefully no registration to show potential tyrants or mobs where those guns are located.

Why the Liberals Continuously Push for Gun Control?

Is this why the liberals continuously push for gun control, gun registration and gun restriction? They villainize and denounce owners of the most effective weapons in the civilian hands, the AR-15 and the AK-47. Instead of blaming mass shooters and their evil intent, leftists instead use the horrible instances to go after an inanimate object that is being misused. Removal of this weapon from the hands of Americans would certainly enable and encourage those who would move to make America a totalitarian state.

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Another Kristallnach Attempt Will Be Stopped by Intended Victims Armed to the Teeth

I must offer this warning to my politically-polar opponents: If another Kristallnacht were to ever be tried, this time it will be stopped by the hands of the intended victims, who unlike the Jews of 1930’s Germany are armed to the teeth. Since free men have the ability to defend themselves and their families from persecution, any attempted instance of the “night of broken glass” may instead this time become the “night of the streets littered with unmoving traitors”.

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