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The Globalist Socialists Have Entered The Room. What’s Next?

2018 Election House of Representatives Map

Here’s your chance to sound off…

The Globalists/ Socialists/ Marxist/ Leftists/ Dems had their foot in the door. Last night they entered the room.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, the 2018 midterm election results gave the U.S. House of Representatives a +34 advantage to the DEMS.

While the GOP gained a few seats in the Senate and still hold it, one wonders what the net result may be of this election.

The party of California’s Nancy Pelosi and Mad Maxine Waters are in control of the House.

No doubt they’re ready to rumble. They’ve been promising a rumble if they took control. Well, they just did.

What’s next for the Divided States of America?



One thing’s for sure, Trump is directly in their crosshairs. They promised to impeach him. I wonder how the Deplorables will feel about that.

Trump’s agenda likely has just been stopped in its tracks. There will be no more funding for any of it (the House of Reps control the purse strings).

Will there simply be ‘gridlock’ for the next two years? Or will the Left’s anti-America agenda push forward somehow?

If you have been following the ongoing ‘Tech Tyranny’, do you think that the tech giants will now be even more embolden to crush online presence of those with views, ideals, and opinions ‘on the right’?

Will the great divide continue to get even wider?

There are lots of questions, and I’ve only asked a few. I’m  putting it out there for your conversation. How is this going to turn out for America?

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Has the last gasp of this nation already been heard? Was Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda our last chance to save this Republic? Is it over?

Your turn:




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