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Should Anyone and Everyone Be Allowed To Vote?

Should everyone be allowed to vote?

This is going to be controversial. However I believe it will make for interesting debate.

Should everyone and anyone be allowed to vote in the United States?

If not, why not?
If yes, then why yes?



While the U.S. Constitution bans the restriction of voting based on race, sex and age for those above 18 (the 15th, 19th, and 26th Amendment specifically), it does not explicitly and affirmatively state that all U.S. citizens have a right to vote.

“In the absence of a specific federal law or constitutional provision, each state is given considerable discretion to establish qualifications…” (read more at Wikipedia)

One thought to consider is this:

It might be reasonable to presume that the uniformed voter, or those on significant government assistance, or non-citizens may dilute or sway elections to an extent that may be less than ideal for the Republic in general.


The Uniformed Voter

Lets face it. There are lots, and I mean lots of people who are eligible to vote who know absolutely nothing (or next to nothing) about our form of government, the Constitution, or have even a basic understanding of how things work in this regard.

Not only that, but so, so many people do not have any (or very, very little) understanding of the issues. The uninformed are simply in their own world, ignorant of news & events and issues outside of their own personal sphere.

The uniformed as a voter block are likely to be very susceptible to manipulation due to ignorance.

They are probably more likely to vote based on their emotional response rather than a resemblance of understanding or sound reasoning or critical thinking.

I’m not suggesting that everyone need have a deep understanding of issues, however I’m wondering about those who literally “don’t have a clue”…

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Is this good for the Republic?


Those On ‘Significant’ Government Assistance

While I am not disparaging or being judgemental as to ‘why’ someone may be on government assistance (not the purpose of this article) I do wonder if this voter block will have a significant bias towards voting themselves more or continued monies from whoever or whatever group is offering it.

There is a HUGE portion of the population receiving some form of government assistance. I’m not referring to those receiving social security, a government pension, those legitimately receiving disability, or those who really legitimately are in need and getting some form of welfare. I am referring to the apparent high percentage who may be illegitimately receiving handouts from .gov.

One wonders if there might be a threshold or percentage of overall income that comes from .gov assistance whereby the motivation of the recipient becomes quite predictable.

Is this good for the Republic?


Non Citizens

No one really knows for sure how many non citizens live in the United States. However most realize that the numbers are quite high (tens of millions).

In some states (e.g. California) apparently non citizens have the ability to vote. Some voting places also apparently do not check for ID (that’s another ‘can of worms’).

A thought to consider is whether or not a non citizen will vote a certain way ‘because’ they are non citizens. I don’t know the answer, I’m just putting it out there.

Is this good for the Republic?


The Results

My instincts indicate to me that these combined voter blocks represent a HUGE number of potential voters. It is my opinion that these blocks will generally vote in the same direction (D) given their ‘qualifications’.

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This explains (in my estimation) why so many politicians on the ‘D’ side blatantly present issues in a highly emotionally charged way (versus more of a logical factual representation of an issue).

I’m not suggesting that there’s something wrong with firing up the base, or being emotionally motivated. However if that’s all there is (emotion), how good is that for the nation?

My fear is that we have very much crossed the threshold. I believe that there are more uninformed voters than those who have a reasonable grip or sensibility in this realm.

This is likely why we’re seeing the outrageous and sometimes crazed behavior from some of our politicians, news media, and other entities hell bent on leveraging the emotional triggers of the public at large.

It has seemingly become less effective for politicians to get into facts and details of an issue. Rather, pushing the hot buttons, fiery rhetoric and egregious accusations (fear mongering) seem to be the preferred way to get the voters to vote a certain way.

Maybe there are just too many dumb people nowadays. We’ve certainly nurtured several generational batches of them. But to what end?


Minimum Requirements To Vote?

While this will NEVER happen due to the sheer numbers, “what if” citizens were required to meet a set of minimum requirements before being eligible to vote? I wonder what they would be?


Where Are We Going?

We are going to spend ourselves into collapse. It’s already a done deal. It’s just a matter of time.

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