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Metallica Versus Mountain Lion. OnStar Remote Car Shutdown

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we start out with an article about a Canadian woman who used a sonic weapon against a mountain lion.

Metallica Versus Mountain Lion

Ian sent us this: Alone on a hiking trail, B.C. woman scares off prowling cougar by blaring Metallica. Fittingly, the song that she played was: “Don’t Tread On Me.”

The Root Cellar Capital of the World

Reader Tim. J. sent us the link to this fascinating article at The Natural Building Blog: The Root Cellar Capital of the World.

An OnStar Remote Car Shutdown

By way of OnStar shuts off car’s power, helps state police stop two car thieves. Here is a snippet:

“A little after 8:15 on Friday night, a Troop E trooper attempted to stop a motor vehicle traveling north on Route 12 in Preston that was reported stolen out of Waterford.

The trooper was alerted by the Ledyard PD who were attempting to catch up to the car. Officials have identified the driver of the car as 21-year-old Isaiah Rivera of New Britain and the passenger as 18-year-old Ariana Orkney of Mansfield Center.

Yesterday, Ledyard PD, Troop E and OnStar worked together to stop car thieves. 2 individuals were apprehended after a pursuit causing a crash, stealing another car, located by an off duty Trooper and OnStar shutting the power off.”

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JWR’s Comments:  The implications of this technology go far beyond just fighting crime. For those with an interest in privacy who believe that the risks of keeping OnStar outweigh the benefits of vehicle tracking technology, a web search on the phrase:  “Disabling OnStar” could prove useful.

Hong Kong: Lasers Versus Facial Recognition Cameras

Reader G.P. sent this: Watch Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers To Disrupt Facial Recognition Cameras

New Thermite/Magnesium Breaching Pen

Reader M.M. spotted this ad with accompanying training video: The Breach Pen.

The Not-So-Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Epstein

File under: “I done seen that one a-comin’”.  First, we read on July 25: Epstein found injured in his cell last night. Arkancide? Then, on August 10, there was this headline: Jeffrey Epstein dies by suicide, reports say. Paul Joseph’s Watson’s commentary was fitting: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Reader Mark B.’s comment:  “You should do a web search on ‘Clinton body count’. It is amazing.”  JWR’s Comment:  Go to and slowly type in “Clinton body count”, letter by letter, and carefully watch the supposed “most frequent search requests” auto-fill offered beneath, as you type. Google is evil!

Antifa is Arming Up

The latest turn of a threat spiral, as report by the leftist The New Republic: Antifa Is Arming Itself Against a Trump. Crackdown. Here is a quote:

“…many leftists and even some liberals are beginning to reconsider their feelings about firearms, joining a loose amalgamation of gun groups, from John Brown Gun Clubs (which take their name from the abolitionist) to the Pink Pistols (an LGBTQ group), Liberal Gun Club, and Socialist Rifle Association. Some of these organizations are moderate and traditionalist, others radical and revolutionary. But all share one implicit goal: to normalize firearms ownership and training among liberals. Some of their members hope such efforts will at least make Republicans think twice before attempting a massacre.”

Patreon De-Funds The Gun Collective (TGC) News

A hat tip to reader C.B. for sending this video link: Patreon is Putting The Squeeze On TGC!

Republicans Caving on Civilian Disarmament

G.O. in Illinois sent this: GOP Rep. Kinzinger: Treat All Political Extremist Violence as Terrorism, Raise Age to Buy Guns, Implement Universal Background Checks. A pericope:

“On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) argued that all forms of violent political extremism should be treated as terrorism, the age to purchase a gun should be raised to 21, and there should be universal background checks.

Kinzinger said that any political extremism that resorts to violence should be legally treated as terrorism, and “this is absolutely terrorism. As much as I hate ISIS, I hate white nationalism, and any political violence like that.”

He added, “I think gun purchases need to be raised — the age needs to be raised to 21. Right now, to buy a handgun in this country, you have to be 21, and the initial thought was, well, we’re exempting under — basically, long guns because that’s things like hunting gear and shooting shotguns. But I think that now, obviously, is defining things like purchasing an AR, which are — in many of these mass shootings is actually used. So, I think raising that age to 21, still allowing people in the military to carry their service weapon or cops that are under the age of 21. The next thing is, we do need universal background checks, and doing it in a way that it’s not cumbersome when there’s a private transfer.”

FBI: Conspiracy Theories are Domestic Terrorism Threat

Yahoo News reports: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat. (Thanks to DSV for the link.)

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