It’s not just the Rand that’s been hurt by the South African ruling party’s plan to change the nation’s Constitution to make land expropriation without compensation easier.

Confidence indexes and agricultural land prices are slumping in part due to the potential constitutional amendment that the African National Congress says is needed to correct racially skewed land-ownership patterns. With elections looming next year, President Cyril Ramaphosa has embraced land expropriation without compensation, but insists there won’t be a land grab and any policy changes won’t be allowed to damage farming production or the economy.

Some critics say the Constitution already enables the state to tackle land reform, restitution and redistribution, and that changes are unnecessary. The populist Economic Freedom Fighters party, which has won support from young voters in impoverished townships, supports the change and wants all land nationalised. A parliamentary committee is considering possible amendments.”


Upcoming Webinar: How To Make Your Group Infiltration-Proof

Kit Perez of American Partisan will be leading as series of webinar sessions on How To Make Your Group Infiltration-Proof. Part 1 begins early next month. It will be held on October 1st (for those in the Western U.S.) and October 2nd, 2018 (for those in the Eastern U.S..)  Kit’s strong background in counterintelligence (CI) makes her uniquely qualified to lead this webinar series.  Just a few seats are still available.


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Interview with Tommy Robinson

Over at The (of Canada): Ezra Levant’s new interview with Tommy Robinson. This fascinating interview reveals what a travesty of justice Robinson endured at the hands of British authorities.


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