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Gaye Levy Interviews Samantha Biggers

For those of you that don’t know, Samantha Biggers is the editor in chief at Backdoor Survival.  We became friendly shortly after new ownership took over and did my best to mentor her relative to the ins and outs of full-time blogging.  Since then, I have grown to respect her opinions and her lifestyle which are both pretty remarkable given that she is a millennial.  You know, a member of the younger generation that is not known for independence, belief in free speech, and the other rights us “grays” hold near and dear to our hearts.

A few months back I asked Samantha if she would be willing to subject herself to an interview and she agreed.  It has taken me a while to post this, not through any fault of Samantha, but because of the personal funk I have experienced as I watch the degradation of what I perceive as the erosion of our freedom.  You may recall I recently wrote about that in “Is American Freedom Under Siege?”. 

A must-read if I do say so myself.

More to the point, you should care about Samantha Biggers because she represents forward-thinking while at the same time embracing a traditional lifestyle of homesteading and preparedness.  While I do not always agree with her, she represents our future and that gives me optimism.

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